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The brand SVETCHI, established in Madrid in 2022, combines the name and surname of its designer and is based on a very significant symbol originating from the Moldavian culture called “Hands on the Hip” (in the original language “Mâini în Șold”), which represents woman´s power, her seduction and maternal authority. In turn, the axial symmetry of SVETCHI symbol represents the versatility and transformation of each of the pieces designed by Svetlana Savitchi, which is the essence of each design as well as the exclusivity of being a single piece per design made with the proposed fabrics.

Each design aims to be a dream to let the imagination fly, which opens a world of possibilities as occasions to shine, through the multiposition, versatility and exclusivity of each garment.


Unique pieces designed and tailor-made in local haute couture ateliers. Versatile designs that are committed to transformation with different combinations for each dress. Commitment to the environment and social responsibility for sustainable and ethical fashion.

svetchi fondo blanco


Mission: To offer exclusive and convertible haute couture designs, committed to a handcrafted process from the selection of the best fabrics to local tailoring.

Vision: To be a benchmark among haute couture brands, with innovative and distinctive proposals in sustainable fashion.

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