Svetlana Savitchi, the founder of SVETCHI, is a designer of recent projection, born in Moldova and, for some time now, established in Madrid and fully in love with this city. Despite her notorious fascination for the world of fashion since she was a child, in Moldova she specialised in Spanish and English Philology and in Madrid she became an extraordinary Lawyer. However, she had another goal in mind: to start her career in the fashion industry. From a very young age, she enthusiastically followed all the Fashion Week shows, the trends, and she was interested in and liked to analyse the quality of the fabrics and the stitching of the clothes she bought.

“When I was studying law, I really took my first steps in sewing, creating my own party dresses. It was then that I laid the foundations for creating the SVETCHI project to launch myself into the world of fashion, just as I had dreamed”.

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