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    Recommendations for taking body measurements.


    • Natural posture

    Ask the person you are measuring to stand in a relaxed, forward-facing position. If their posture is not upright, do not try to force it.


    • Do not choke with the tape measure

    Measurements are not tight, we recommend that you hold the tape measure close to your body but not too tight or too loose.


    • A tape around the waist

    If a tape is left around the waist when taking measurements, all vertical measurements will end or start from the same point.


    • Measuring at the most protruding area

    When measuring your bust or hip circumference, place the tape around the most prominent area (the one that sticks out the most). For example, on the bust you should go over the nipple, on the hip circumference you should go over the buttocks or the widest part of the hip.


    • Take into account the slack

    The most common mistake, especially for beginners, is not to take into account the gaps if we are going to make and pattern warm garments. These are usually garments such as coats, jackets, jackets, jackets, capes or any garment that goes over another garment. That is why it is important to add a few centimetres to the pattern so that it is not too small or too tight.

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